Turn any flat product presentation into a 3D experience

How does ctrl3D turn ordinary product presentations into a 3D user experience that wows site visitors?

It all starts with the creation of a stunning 3D model of the product. Then we match the various controls and user instructions to the look and feel of the original site. After we have set up the new 3D project on our servers we finish the integration as a turn-key delivery or assist the client’s technical resources with the completion.

Key features of ctrl3D:

- Turn any flat product presentation into a 3D experience.

- Connect with a smartphone or tablet to unlock extra controls.

- Flawless integration with existing websites.

Can a custom App take user engagement to the next level?

Ctrl3D product presentations are controlled by the ctrl3D app (iOS & Android) that create a bridge between the main (desktop) website and a smartphone or tablet. Clients can choose to use the generic version of the app or have a custom app developed that could use the location services of the mobile device to locate a nearby shop and allows direct communication through push notification messaging.

ctrl3D technique

Client website

An iframe embeds the 3D rendered product presentation, ctrl3D control features and easy to understand user guidance elements in the client's website. The integrated elements are personalised to mimicking the look and feel of the original design, adding to the site - not changing it.

Server side solutions

Our servers hosts the 3D model, materials and parameters of the product as well as the structure of the 3D presentation, which in turn is embedded into the client website in an iframe. Hosting these items centrally enables our technical team to implement updates more easily. On request (but subject to certain conditions) the Server Side Solution can also be implemented on an hosting environment provided by the client.

Ruby server

This setup acts as a router for communication packages and matchmaker between a mobile device and a website instance, pairing these two parties for a seamless communication between them. This component allows a full duplex communication between any given pair. In short: this is what connects the user's smartphone to the visited website, controlling the view of the 3D presentation by moving their phone.

Mobile app

The generic ctrl3D app turns the user's smartphone into a remote control, allowing intuitive control over the product's movement and angle. The app can send and receive information through the ruby server to and from the client website. We can integrate the ctrl3D functionality into a custom app, enhancing the product experience even further.

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